A Recipe for Growing Your Brand's .

We help health and wellness brands share their expertise in a way that:

  • Attracts and converts new customers
  • Plugs into new audiences 
  • Educates their market 
  • And builds a community around their brand

There’s more to content marketing than boosting vanity metrics like shares and clicks. We’re on a mission to build your brand in an authentic , impactful way – by delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time. So your brand can act as a true guide on your customer’s journey to better health and wellness. And not fill an already noisy world with more marketing hype. 

Your brand’s expertise + the right content marketing strategy = growing sales and impact

In a world filled with hundreds of platforms and channels, you need a strategy that can cut through the noise and get your expertise to the people who need it. 

We help you make sense of the options. And uncover the strategy that marries together the data of what’s happening in your market, with the heart and vision of your brand. We’ll help you gain clarity on:

  • Where your perfect customers are spending time online
  • What platforms and channels to prioritize
  • What types of content to create
  • What topics to focus on
  • And how it all ties together into a synergistic strategy to grow sales and impact

When people have questions you can answer, make sure your content is ranked

SEO can be a mine field in the health and wellness space, with Google continually making algorithm adjustments that might not be favorable to emerging health and wellness brands. But at the end of the day, search can be one of the best ways to meet your audience with the answers they’re looking for when they need them the most. And Google is the 800-pound gorilla that can drive millions of visitors to your content for free. 

While Google shouldn’t be your only traffic strategy, if it’s done right SEO can be a major growth engine for your brand. We’ll help you navigate the minefield that is SEO in the health and wellness space, and make sure you have all your optimization bases covered to maximize rankings and search traffic. 

Get the word out to the right people

If you’ve been struggling with the results of “posting and praying” on your brand’s social media accounts each time you launch a piece of content, we’re here to help you expand your reach to the right people. Whether it’s content syndication, native ads, or good old fashioned Facebook campaigns we can help you develop and execute a paid content promotion strategy that will deliver an ROI that actually makes sense. 

Side note: Getting paid content promotion to pay off may require re-wiring your content funnel or buyer journey so it actually converts visitors into paying customers. But don’t worry, we’re content funnel experts, too. 

What’s the “secret sauce” to content marketing success in 2021?

Some will say content marketing has “matured” and there are no real breakthroughs left in the digital content landscape. We say: if a noisy, misleading, confusing content landscape represents the pinnacle of health and wellness knowledge online, we’re all in trouble.  

This mindset has driven the development of the “secret sauce” that sets Wellaborator apart. While most brands spend all their time shouting into the digital void, we’re helping brands form collaborative micro networks with other brands across the health and wellness space. 

What happens when you plug your community into the communities of even just a handful of other complimentary brands? Cross pollination of expertise, exposure to new audiences, better education of customers, exposure to complimentary products, and better customer outcomes.

Join us on our mission to re-shape how people find the knowledge they need on their journey to better health and wellness.

About the founder

Ryan Berg
Ryan Berg has been a digital marketer for over 22 years and helped grow hundreds of digital brands. From small single person brands in the health and wellness markets, to rapidly scaling venture backed start-ups like TeamSnap (a sports and fitness brand with 15 millions users), Crisp (a food tech start-up with $26M in funding), or Bark (a mental health monitoring app protecting 5 million children).

Ryan has been an avid meditator since he was a teenager and a passionate bio-hacker, exploring dozens of different diets, herbal medicine, functional medicine, and TCM.

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